10 Reasons to Keep a Pocket Knife

Disclaimer: There are many places where carrying a pocket knife can get you into serious trouble. Confiscation, fines, and even jail time are all the repercussions of breaking the law. Many of these laws are written in a convoluted way, keeping us confused and vulnerable. Not only do we have to worry that the laws will change from province to province, but even the country you decide to take it to may have completely different laws from the previous country you were in. But there are still many legitimate reasons to consider adding a pocket knife to your daily survival kit. 1.Self-defense with a pocket knife If you were to ask many of those who carry a knife in the mountains, their reason for carrying it would be self-defense. In fact, self-defense tops the list as the main reason for carrying a pocket knife. However, it is important to practice using it regularly, as there is no point in bringing it if you don’t know how to use it. Practice drawing and handling your knife on an ongoing basis if you plan to use it in self-defense. Good training can give you a great advantage against your attacker. But if … Read More

What food to stock up on for coronavirus?

MREs, freeze-dried, dehydrated and other types of survival foods have a “maximum shelf life of 25 years”. However, there are some survival foods you can buy at your local grocery store today that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, while being shelf-stable. Read on to find out what survival foods you need to keep in your home! Maple Syrup This one gets huge points for its taste and variety. Maple syrup is not limited to pancakes. You can add this to a wide range of different foods for great added flavor. Make maple syrup at home You can even make your own maple syrup from maple tree sap. It takes about an hour per liter, but it’s well worth the effort and your budget! Salt Salt is a mineral that is never spoiled and has always been an incredibly valuable resource. At one time, it was even thought to be used as a form of currency. Salt’s lifespan Whether it is sea salt or common table salt, it has an indefinite shelf life. The only caveat to this is seasoned salt, which has a shelf life of about a year (which is still pretty good, so if you … Read More

Propane Guide: Why and How to use Propane?

This article covers the basics of propane as an important energy preparation resource. Topics include safe handling of propane, storage, setting up a bulk tank reserve for long-term storage at the lowest possible cost, and refilling the smaller one-pound containers commonly used with portable camping equipment, for about 1/5 of the cost of new ones. We will also examine a variety of basic propane appliances and their suitability in a survival scenario. Why should I use propane? For convenience, value, air quality, and long-term storage stability, nothing is better than propane. Firewood is cheaper, if you have access to it and don’t count the value of your time. But, when you’re burning all day long, it’s not as convenient if you have to go out and cut/pick it up yourself. The goods are heavy, especially if you are transporting them over long distances. And how do you manage to use an axe for hours? If you lack survival work, which is a good chance, having the option of cooking with propane for an extended time, at least until things calm down, will allow you to channel that considerable time and energy from wood into other important tasks, such as hunting … Read More

A Complete Guide to Foraging for Nuts while Camping

A fully equipped pantry is a modern convenience that may not always be available to us. It’s a sad idea, but someday, if things got really bad, well-stocked restaurants, kitchens, grocery stores, and pantries would be as rare as they are wonderful. It could be due to an environmental disaster, political and social unrest, the collapse of civilization as we know it, or the zombie apocalypse – no matter what the cause, it is good to understand the different ways of collecting, digging, harvesting, gathering, or otherwise collecting food to support yourself. You’re going to need nuts. No, get your mind out of the gutter… I’m talking about the hard-shelled snacks that grow naturally in many different environments and climates. They’re light, healthy and full of protein to keep you connected and maintain your energy. The nuts are amazing. In the days of the hunter-gatherers, when humans roamed the earth and depended on their ability to track, catch, hunt and feed to survive, seeds and nuts made up half of people’s diets – that’s huge! Imagine if half of everything you ate today was crazy. You’d go crazy (at least I know I would). Now, I’m not suggesting you go … Read More

Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent Review

There are many people who want to get refreshed from the daily hectic routine go for camping. There is another type of people who love to go for camping, trekking etc. For camping one of the most essential stuff which is required is tent. It is not at all safe to sleep at night under the open sky. Having a proper camping tent means a good way of spending night. But choosing a proper camping tent is a very important task to do before going for camping. It can be catastrophe if it is found that the tent which has been bought does not have sufficient room for the whole group. Even if it is seen that the camping tent cannot stand up to the elements of nature then it can cause sudden disaster too. There are lots of options available for people as far as buying a tent is concerned. Choosing the right kind of camping tents can help people to achieve great camping experience. We must need to know what are the things need to be remembered before buying a good camping tent. Firstly, in what time of the year people want to go for camping is a … Read More

Top 8 Best Canvas Tents

If you are hiker then probably you may be interested in camping tents. Well, a tent is one of the most important things that we need to have if we are going for an outing or camping. So today in this article I have brought a list and reviews of the best canvas tents that you can purchase in 2019. You must be knowing what actually is a canvas tent. Basically, the canvas tent is a type of camping tent that is made of canvas fabric and it is also very strong and durable. Canvas tent is a good choice especially for the people who often go out for hiking or camping. It usually comes in different types and also on the basis of capacity. It may include types like a ridge, dome, instant, pod, and large family tents. You can select the type of canvas tent as per your needs and preferences. We actually posted this guide to help hikers to choose and select the best canvas tent for an outing or camping. This list of best canvas tents 2019 would be of great help especially when you are confused about selecting the perfect canvas tent for camping. A top-rated canvas tent is … Read More

Top Nine Best Beginner Kayaks

Hey, I guess you have reached here in search of something about which you don’t have any idea. Buying the right kayak as a beginner is not an easy task. Many people end up buying the wrong kayak without having any knowledge about them. I, too, have Googled to check if there was an article to guide the beginners to choose the best beginner kayak for them. Unfortunately, there are no relevant posts out there. That’s why I wrote this well-explained guide about the best beginner kayak models to kickstart your kayaking adventures. Are you ready?? Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading. Ok. Before beginning to list out, do you know what types of kayaks are available on the market? Let me tell you a few things about the types of kayaks that are available in the market. If you already know about them, then skip this heading happily. Types Of Kayaks a)Sit On Top Kayaks They are the most popular type of kayaks sold in the market.SOT(Sit On Top) kayaks have been gaining popularity in recent years because of the comfort it provides to the paddlers. They are very stable than the traditional sit-in kayaks.SOT kayaks are … Read More

Top Four Best Kayaks For Children

Kayaking is a fun outdoor adventure for the whole family. Odds are that if you clicked on this article, you love to go kayaking. Just like you, I’ve had to pick out a kayak for my children as they were growing up. I’ve always valued my children’s safety above all else, and this buyer’s guide is reflective of that. Here is my list for the top four kayaks for young children. #1 Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak with Paddle Lifetime is one of the most renowned makers of kids kayak. They have been selling high-quality kayak for kids and have been the best sellers of kids kayaks for the past couple of years. Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak is the best kayak for kids age five and above. With over 50+ fully satisfied customers, the kayak has been doing great since it’s launch. The kayak is 6 feet in length and weighs 18lbs. The lightweight of the kayak is a high point of advantage for kids. Also, the kayak has molded finger handles that help you to carry the kayak easily. The kayak has a ‘swim-up’ slide on the back through which the rider can quickly re-enter the kayak from the water. The construction has been done using high-density … Read More

How To Spice Up Your Camping Dinner

If you’re like most people, you enjoy the taste of homemade food made over a fire (A REAL FIRE). While we can’t have this luxury in our home, this might be for the better as your food wouldn’t be the only thing on fire. Over time the camp included cold meat and bread, hot dogs, or an occasional hamburger except for the foremost part it had been sandwiches. While open fires are the right place to repair meals, the matter was carrying everything to the campsite then roughing it when it came to preparing everything. Camping around a fire is often viewed in a completely different way. It’s not such a lot about dragging and lugging everything but the sink to the campsite and plenty of water to assist you in rinsing and continuing with the dishes. Here are some expert tips and tricks to make your next camping dinner a 5-star meal. Take the standard hamburger and hot dogs and add some pizzazz to them. First, understand that aluminum foil will be your friend while making camping dinners. Press down on hamburger patties and wrap each one in aluminum. Don’t forget to add onion, carrots, tomatoes, and your favorite … Read More

Easy and Delicious Camping Cooking Ideas

Are you tired of eating the same boring food during your camping trips? I was, which is why I came up with some exciting, flavorful foods for your next outdoor adventure. Here are five simple recipes that you can use next time you’re out camping or backpacking. Meals That Require Cooking: Mini Pizzas These are easy to form using English muffins, a packet of pizza sauce, and cheese. English muffins are often rewrapped in tinfoil, while the pizza sauce is often put during a small plastic container, and therefore the cheese during a zip lock bag. Once you are ready for this meal, you merely add the pizza sauce and cheese on top of English muffin and wrap them in tin foil. Make the cheese loose on top to stop it from sticking to the tin foil. These are often cooked on top of a stove, or by leaving within the sun for an hour approximately, just long enough to melt the cheese. Other ingredients, like onions, mushrooms, or black olives, are often added for a more flavorful sort of toppings. Biscuits & Gravy The cookies are often made to go. I pack them during a bottle with an outsized … Read More

How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven

Have you ever wondered how to make a DIY oven like the boy scouts? This guide will take you step-by-step as you make your very own cardboard box oven. For this project, the simplest box would be a banana box or fruit box due to the heavier thicker ridged design. This box can often be picked up free of charge at your local grocery. A printer paper box from work would do the work too. The Box Oven is usually entirely free or as expensive and high tech as you would like. The following items are often purchased for about ten bucks or liberated from elsewhere around the house or garage. 4 – Steel Rod or Pole 1 – Steel or Aluminum Trivet 2 – Aluminum Trays Aluminum foil Duct Tape Thermometer with probe Super Glue Most boxes I even have used are 20” long by 15” wide x 9-1/2” deep. Turn box in vertical on end. Qualify 9-1/2” up from the bottom and strike A level line on each side of the box. Measure down 4″ from the top and strike another level line on each side of the box. If you are doing not have a trivet, strike … Read More

Vegan Recipes for Backpacking and Camping

Ready to hit the paths but without the meat jerky? Here are a couple of vegetarian backpacking recipes you’ll try, alongside some simple snack foods. Olive Oil Noodles This is an easy recipe that you don’t get to write down. Bring a little bag of spices (whatever kinds you like), some dried vegetables, pasta, and vegetable oil. Soak the dried vegetables while you’re fixing camp. Then cook them alongside the pasta. Drain and add the spices, salt, and vegetable oil for a delicious dinner. If you bring the thinnest pasta you’ll find – something like angel hair spaghetti – it’ll save time, fuel, and trouble cooking. If you would like to decorate up the meal a touch more and you’re backpacking within the southwest, you’ll collect some Mexican nut pine nuts to feature. Parmesan cheese is another excellent addition and may be carried for days if kept out of the recent sun. Simple Soups Most grocery stores carry dry soups that require you to pour boiling water on them. Those within the cups take more room but are still light and convenient. No dishes to scrub apart from your spoon. Vegetarian options are limited with these, but the great news … Read More

How to Choose a Camping Stove

Buying a camping stove can be a complicated process. You would like to make sure you get the proper one for you. If you’re hiking, you would like to urge something compact and can carry easily. A Trangia could be a solid choice if you would like something small, or if you’re only cooking for yourself. A Trangia combines the methanol burner with all of the equipment that you got to do your cooking. If you’re traveling by car, then you’ll go for a setup as large as you want. Some camping stoves also accompany wind protectors, which may be very useful if you’re camping outside. Camping stoves run on a spread of fuels and therefore, the sort of fuel you’ll be using will play a crucial think in your decision. The most popular fuel is butane or propane gas or a propane/butane mix. These are available cartridges or refillable cylinders. This sort of fuel is predictable and stable, lights easily and performs well, and is controllable in terms of the extent of warmth you need. The cartridges or cylinders attach on to the stove. Resealable cartridges are suitable as they will be far away from the stove, so there’s … Read More

How to Choose a Tent For Camping

Unlike previous generations, camping not always involves sleeping during a tent. You could camp with an RV, in commercial campgrounds, or a cabin. But there’s remains something satisfying about connecting with nature through the entire camping experience of sleeping during a tent. Here’s a blueprint and a couple of tips for selecting one that provides you all the fashionable advantages without the typical hassles. The fundamental purposes of a tent are to supply privacy and protection from the weather – wind, rain, and (to some degree) cold. Any sturdy canvas will satisfy normal conditions, but staying safe under harsh conditions requires better equipment. Windy conditions can put a hurting on a tent. But because of modern materials, nylon fabric tents supported by fiberglass or aluminum poles are up to work. There are four primary sorts of tents: the A-frame tent, the dome tent, the cabin tent, and, lastly, the geodesic dome tent. The A-frame is the classic tent. This traditional style tent was made famous by boy scouts and old movies. A-frame tents consist of two poles, each forming a triangle on at either vertex of the canvas. There is additionally a central pole that props the tent up. The … Read More

How to Cook Food While Camping

Camp cooking is often as elaborate or as simple as you would like it to be.  If you would like to organize quick and straightforward but nutritious meals while you’re camping, camp cooking doesn’t even need to require a fireplace.  But if you’re curious about fueling your camping trip with a feast, camp cooking can allow you to form hot, healthy foods that are nearly as good as you’ll make them reception in your kitchen. Camp cooking doesn’t need to be limited to sandwiches and baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil.  Almost any cooking method you employ within the kitchen can be duplicated around the campfire. For instance, use a dutch oven or pit cooking to bake your food. You can also quickly fry foods during a pan over a grill, or boil, braise and roast.  What sort of camping cookware is best for you? Camp cooking and clean-up are often easy or a hassle, it all starts with excellent camping equipment. Some pots/pans are found in sets that work well together or be stored inside or each other (matryoshka dolls) and even have space for you to put a canister of fuel inside them. This can be especially useful … Read More

What Food Should You Bring on Camping Trips?

It is very important to have enough food and drinks to ensure you are well nourished during camping trips. These items should be non-perishable and easy to carry. Even if dry and non perishable foods are preferable, you can bring fresh foods as well, as long as you are able to keep them cool during the trip. Some retail stores and discount stores even, carry meals that are especially prepared for camping. However, these items can be expensive. The meals are pre-packaged and freeze-dried. The food in the camping meals is bland in flavor and not too nutritious. But, with a little preparation and creativity, you can prepare easy, nutritious meals you can bring along with foods you buy at the grocery store. You can find a large variety of foods that are easy to carry, store, and that will keep well throughout your trip. You can mix oats, pretzels, candy and nuts for a tasty homemade trail mix. All those ingredients are readily available in a grocery store and can be made up before leaving and stored in an airtight container. If you also prepare some small packets that you can eat on the trail, you should be set … Read More

How to Pack a Backpack for Camping

Going on a backpacking trip would require proper packing of your things. Putting them pell-mell inside your backpack isn’t really the way to go. Your pack should be balanced and organized. Pack things in order of the things that you need. Rain gears at the top, sleeping gears on the bottom. This way you won’t have a hard time getting things out when you need them. SLEEPING PAD – Roll it up and strap it to the outside of your pack. If you attach it vertically it will snag less on trees and other objects, but horizontally on the bottom is best for weight distribution, keeping your center of gravity low. SLEEPING BAG – Put your sleeping bag in first. If you use a compression sack, this will also save you room as your bag will compress down well beyond its normal size. If your bag is down, use a waterproof sack or other waterproof liner to keep it dry. TENT – Heaviest items go in the middle and closest to your back. Most tents made specifically for backpacking are small and light enough to fit in one side of your backpack. COOKING GEAR – If you’re want to have … Read More

Common Camping Injuries and How to Treat Them

Going on a camping trip on your own or with others can be a great experience. Although the outdoors has its good points, you are also open to injuring yourself in minor and severe ways. When planning for a day (or maybe more) in the outdoors, it is important to be prepared for possible injuries that may happen while camping. Never forget to pack a first aid kit when preparing the gears and equipment necessary for your trip. But remember to put safety first, after all, prevention is always better than cure. Weather Induced Injuries   Most of the time weather can be hard to predict and it plays a big role in one’s camping experience. Of course it’s necessary to read the weather report before the trip.  Frostbite, heat stroke, and dehydration are just a few dangers that campers need to be careful of.  Proper preparation is the best way to avoid these illnesses. Make sure that you have appropriate clothing gear for the weather and are prepared for sudden weather changes. Pack enough fresh water. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential to keep you healthy. It prevents the chances of heat stroke and dehydration. Pack enough fresh water for … Read More

How to Waterproof Matches

It could get frustrating when you can’t get the fire going in your camp fire pit especially when you have wet matches. Some tricks to waterproofing your match is by simply coating it with nail polish. But what if you also need a fire starter? This simple DIY match proofing trick can get your matches waterproofed and at the same time serve as fire starters. What you need:  1. Wax (candles or crayons)  2. A double broiler (one you wouldn’t need to worry about getting ruined) OR just a vegetable can and a saucepan. 3. Matches that you will be waterproofing  4. Yarn in case you want to turn your matches into fire starters too  What to do:  1. Melt the wax in your double broiler. If your using a saucepan, fill it with 1/2 of water and bring it to boil then put the vegetable can in the water. Fill this can with wax, turn down the heat and let it melt.  2. Prepare your matches. If you’re only looking to waterproof the matches, simply dip the striking end of the match in the melted wax. Place on wax paper and allow to dry.  But if you you also … Read More

Guide on Pooping in the Woods

As advanced as humans have become, we still haven’t been able to free ourselves from biological functions, like pooping. It might feel embarrassing to talk about, but everyone’s gotta know what to do when… shit hits the fan. This guide will help you know how to take care of your business when there are no plumbing systems in sight! As campers, we need to make sure we are keeping our camping sites just like we found it (or better). After all, you wouldn’t want to step into some poop during your backpacking trip, would you? Here’s how to stay environmentally friendly and properly take care of your human waste. Image provided by Rei                                                         Method 1: Bury It Now, I know you have already thought about using a foxhole to hide your poop, but there are a few things you need to be careful of. Mainly, for the love of God, make sure you aren’t near water. Keep a distance of at least 100 feet between you and the nearest water source. Need … Read More

How To Tell if Your Bug Spray Has Expired?

                Let’s be honest here. You either have to be crazy or a caveman to go camping without bug spray. But how do you know if you bug spray has gone bad? Not all containers have an expiration date, so how can you tell if your repellent is still usable? Here a few tips to help you figure out whether or not your bug spray has expired. Getting in Touch                 The first thing you’ll want to do when you’re unsure of the condition of your spray is to search the container. Some companies list their expiration date in the bottom or side of the bottom. Take a good look around the bottle to be sure. Assuming there is no listed date, check the container for a product code and company phone number. Call the manufacturer and ask whether or not their product has gone bad.  Check for Strange Odors                 Check the cap and nozzle of the container for any damage, rust, or anything obstructing the spray. If the can has no signs of damage, point the nozzle … Read More

How to Put Up a Tent by Yourself

                Solo hiking trips are a great way to take a break from all the ruckus and commotion in your daily life. As much as we all love living in a modernized society, there are times when it can bring on a load of stress. Camping along is great because it allows you to do some soul searching and enjoy the little things in life, but it also comes with extra challenges. One of these challenges is setting up a tent. If you were with a buddy you wouldn’t think twice about how to set up a tent, but take away your friend and this ordinary task becomes quite daunting. It’s alright though because this guide will show you exactly how to set up a tent by yourself. Instructions                Luckily, the tools you need to set up a tent alone are the same tools you’d use if you were with a group. These will be stakes to hold your tent to the ground, a rake to level out your base, and a mallet to hammer your stakes down. Roll out your tent and assemble your poles. … Read More

How to Start a Fire with Wet Wood

                If you’ve ever camped during fall or winter you’ve probably struggled to make a fire with damp wood. Although that times it seems impossible, here’s a guide that’ll teach even a first-time camper how to make an awesome campfire.                 The first thing you’ll need to do is collect wood for the fire. Try to find dry pieces of wood that vary in size. After you’ve gathered wood, the next thing you’ll face is the moist ground. To get around this, you’ll need to build a platform to start your fire on. Place two chunks of hardwood parallel to each other about 6 inches apart. Next, lay several branches on top of the hardwood, building a platform. This will allow oxygen to seep in from under you fire, a crucial part of any successful campfire. Then, place some of your larger branches to make a box around your platform. You can even make this several branches high if you plan on making a bigger fire. This formation will trap heat in and will allow you to place thick pieces of wood without having to worry … Read More

How to Remove Leeches

                If you’ve ever been a freshwater pond or river, there’s a chance you’ve been swimming with leeches. In fact, since you’ve clicked on this article it’s likely that you have a leech on your body right now! Let’s get straight to the point and get that sucker off of you. There are just a few steps you need to follow to safely remove a leech. Firstly, understand that leeches are generally harmless and do not pass on any diseases. The only way that a leech can transmit disease is if you panic and remove it incorrectly. If you can handle the wait, a leech will naturally disconnect from your skin after 20-30 minutes.  Properly Removing Leeches                 There are typically three main incorrect methods that are used to remove leeches. All three of these methods cause the leeches to regurgitate their insides and can lead to infection. Most commonly, people reactively try to yank the leech off their body. This can leave leech teeth stuck under of your skin. Swimmers will also often put a lighter next to a leech or cover it with table … Read More