how to tie a shock leader for surf fishing

How to Tie a Shock Leader for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a sport near-and-dear to the hearts of angling enthusiasts that live by the ocean. If you’re looking to get into surf fishing, though, you’ll need to learn how to tie a shock leader before you can begin casting. What is a shock leader? A shock leader is a heavy-duty fishing line extension that you can add on to your main fishing line. It’s most commonly used in surf fishing and beach fishing, when anglers try to cast long distances. The main purpose of a shock leader is to add stability to the fishing line and ensure that the line doesn’t snap when you’re casting. It allows for you to attempt power casts without risking injury or harm to you or those around you. When to use a shock leader? Shock leaders aren’t always necessary when fishing by the sea. Most often, a shock leader should be used when using a monofilament line, especially when you’re using a light test to be able to cast further out. Using a shock leader provides added stability to your line, making sure that it doesn’t snap as you pull back to throw your line. As a general rule of thumb, you … Read More

how to measure fishing rod ferrules

How to measure fishing rod ferrules [Explained]

If you’re starting out with fishing rod or bamboo rod building, you’ve likely struggled with measuring the length of your rod ferrules. Struggle no more, as this article will answer all your questions! What are ferrule rods? Ferrule rods are hollow metal tubes that connect to form a fishing rod. Often, they are used because they can be disassembled, allowing for a more transportable fishing rod. The individual tubes are usually replaceable, so if one ferrule breaks, you can replace it inside of having to buy a new rod. Fishing rod ferrules are especially prevalent in fly fishing and bamboo fly fishing, as well as among DIY-enthusiasts who like to build their own fishing rod. Additionally, ferrules come in sets of male and female. The female ferrule has a larger diameter than its accompanying male tube, which allows for the separate pieces to be attached. How to measure fishing rod ferrules? Note: Ferrules are measured by the nearest 64th of an inch. i.e. A ferrule’s measurement will be given as some number/64, or its simplification. Measuring a fishing rod ferrule is as simple as getting the diameter of the female pipe’s hole. That is, you measure from inner end to … Read More

how to attach fishing lures to a shadow box

How to attach fishing lures to a shadow box [DIY]

*Scroll to the bottom for a video guide. If you’re an angler looking to display your love for fishing, this is the guide for you. Read this guide to learn how to properly make a fishing lure shadow box. REQUIRED ITEMS: Fishing lures Shadow box Painter’s tape Pen or marker Scissors or pliers Battery powered drill Translucent fishing line or string STEPS: Gather the required items. Make sure you have a desk or empty area to work on. Begin by arranging the fishing lures inside of the shadow box. This will allow you to get an idea of how you want your box to look and how to position to lures. (Make sure that the hooks are flat so the shadow box can be closed.) Get your pen and mark the end of the lure where the hook is attached, as well as the head or area where you’d tie a knot. Flip the shadow box over so that its back is facing you. Apply blue tape over the back of the shadow box. This will prevent the drill bit from splintering the wood. Turn your shadow box back around, and drill a hole at the place of each marking. … Read More

how to make your fishing line float

[Guide] How to make your fishing line float

During the summer months when the temperature starts to rise, carp and other fish begin to rise up to the water’s surface. Having your fishing line float while surface fishing can give you more control and optimize your chances at catching fish. While float fishing lines can do the work for you, sometimes you’re caught without one, and need a quick fix. Thankfully, there is a solution, and you can even make your fishing line float with some common household items! Store-bought fishing line floatants The easiest and most reliable way to make your line float is to use a store-bought floatant or line dressing. These are specifically designed for keeping surface fishing or float fishing anglers that want to keep their lines above the water. Recommended Product: Thames Mucilin Red Can Fly Fishing Line and Fly Floatant Paste Dressing Mucilin Red only takes a few minutes to apply to your line and works like a charm. Just keep in mind that you will need to clean your line and reapply the paste every once in a while. I prefer it to Mucilin’s green dressing because, although it works just as well, the container for Mucilin Green popped open and … Read More

diy fishing net

How to Make a Fishing Net: DIY Fishing Net

Fishing nets can be very difficult for fishermen to transport. Moreover, they are certainly expensive. But we have a good solution for this, as making a fishing net manually is very simple. Any fisherman with time to do this type of craft can make one a reliable DIY fishing net. In fact, you only need ropes and some tools. And, apart from its own obvious use, it can also be used as a decorative element; it all depends on the interest we put in it! What you’ll need First, the string to be used to make the fishing net must be selected. It can also be made with slightly thicker rope. In fact, it remains in the mind of each fisherman to be able to use one element or another depending on the species he is going to catch or, if it is merely decorative, then considering what aspect he wants to achieve, obviously; it does not have much mystery. It is necessary that he is the one who thinks about the weight that usually has his captures (according to volume and species) and decides the resistance that should offer; so that the head of cattle does not break when … Read More

rockfishing techniques

Rock fishing techniques and tips

Follow these expert tips for fishing from a jet ski or from the rocks Fishing in rock is one of the simplest modalities that exist in the world of sport fishing. In fact, many fans enjoy the thousands of places we have to be able to carry out this pastime in a quiet way at any time of the year, having good catches and performing the activity in a simple and pleasant way. Stone fishing can be carried out from many points, both from a local pier on any afternoon and from paradisiacal destinations located in remote corners. But to be able to fish in rock successfully we have to follow some of the advice and remember some considerations that appear next; only in this way, you will be able to make your day fruitful. Small fish If you want to find small fish (something common when practicing rockfishing), it is best to carry out the task in the areas closest to the rocks. This is because in this way, by throwing some food (e.g. bread) or small bait, we will be able to observe closely the movements of the fish, which do not hesitate to come closer to eat. … Read More

Surfcasting techniques: Surfcasting tips and tricks

Why is it important to cast with proper technique? The name of surfcasting comes to mean “thrown over the waves”. This translation indicates that the most important part of this modality is precisely the power that each fisherman has over the cast to make it as correct as possible, it is the action that gives name to the style. If it is done in an ideal way, it is very likely that you can have total control over the catches, although let’s not forget that casting as far as possible is not always a guarantee of getting the best specimens. In fact, the most important objective in surfcasting fishing is to get as far as possible. If you can cast a long distance, there will be a greater chance of multiplying the number of catches, which, of course, are at a certain distance from us, keeping their backs to you. For this reason, many of the fans of this type of fishing practice in controlled areas, where they know they will find specimens, in order to master the technique. But, of course, it is not only important to make long casts, but also to be precise. It is useless to … Read More

What are the World’s Largest Fishing Countries?

How much fish is produced yearly? The fishing sector is currently experiencing its best moment in terms of production and, moreover, improving year after year. The total world catch is usually around 100 megatons, with 90% being saltwater and almost 10% fresh or continental water. This represents 15% of the total protein of animal origin consumed on the planet. Obviously, international trade in fish products is also growing, reaching maximum levels practically year after year (with some exceptions). Even so, the planet’s population is growing at a faster rate than fish production, which is why every year the amount of food per capita is less at a global level, standing at around 13 kilos. Consumption decreases in many countries, it is maintained in others and where it has grown it has done so in an almost unmentionable way. The figures that are currently being used are usually compared with those that were given until the year in which the El Niño phenomenon occurred, which made that exercise a real disaster. In general, it is increasing, with growth occurring mainly in the interior of Asia, the central-eastern area of the Pacific Ocean and in the Indian Ocean. The North Pacific, for … Read More

How to Tie Fishing Hooks [Easy Guide]

To be able to carry out a good fishing session it is necessary to have a material completely adapted to the needs of each fisherman, of each practice and of each prey. This requires, among many other things, to know and prepare the knots to tie the most effective hooks in each case. In fact, it is possible to get catches even if our tools are a little battered if we manage to do this loop well. We can also fish with a bad condition of the sea or with a bait formed by any type of food. These conditions can lead to difficulties, forcing us to try harder, but if we tie a knot in the wrong way we will not be able to catch anything. Fishing knots can fail mainly for two reasons: because they fall apart or because they break. For this reason, we need to check them, as there may be too much or too little tension. In the case of observing something strange, it is necessary to replace the stretch of line where we find the erosion or reduction of the thickness of the filament, in order not to let it be a problem in … Read More

How to Clean a Fishing Rod and Reel?

Probably the most hated task by fishermen is that of cleaning their tools as soon as they return from a day’s fishing, after living an intense emotion of hours in a give and take against our beloved and desired fish. This is a job that we know we must do without complaining because not doing so could cause problems in the elements themselves, which would gradually age and reduce their useful life. That is why it is very important to get into the habit of cleaning as soon as possible, so that this does not become a problematic or unpleasant moment. In addition, a routine can be achieved so that the cleaning of the cane and reels is simple and effective. In this way, our equipment will stay in good condition for more years and it will be difficult for its parts to rust or break during the day or even while it is being stored. The rod or fishing rod should be washed after each use and before storing it inside its case, it should be dried completely so that it does not suffer any damage from storing it wet. The reel, on the other hand, should simply be … Read More

Kayaks vs Canoes – Which is Best for Fishing?

Recently, more and more people have joined the kayak fishing bandwagon. As it grows in popularity, one must ask themselves what about good old canoe fishing. Is it dead and gone? Replaced by new and luxurious kayaks?Both styles of fishing have their benefits and drawbacks, and in the end, only you can decide which style is best for you. With that said, here are some factors you should take into consideration before you make your decision.Cold Water vs. Warm Water: Most (but not all) of the new fishing kayaks are of the “sit on top” variety. This means that the chances of getting wet from splashing, waves, boat wakes, and flopping fish are very real. Not a big deal if you always fish in 70-degree water, but a potential concern if you fish right after ice-out in the Adirondacks as I do! If fishing out of a kayak, many northern kayak fishermen opt for sit-inside kayaks, or they wear clothing that will keep them dry when fishing from their sit on top.Windage: Canoes are notorious for being hard to control on windy days. This is due to the amount of freeboard (how much canoe sits above the waterline). If there … Read More

How to Catch Bigger Fish

Many people would instead be fishing than doing nearly whatever else. If spending the day on the water with your bait and tackle sounds like a perfect day to you, read on. You’ll be taken aback to discover that simple piece of fishing recommendation that changes your luck for the higher. Always take along sunscreen while you pass on a fishing tour, even though it feels bloodless outside. The solar can be pretty harsh out at the water. Consistently apply sunscreen just in case. You will need a sharp hook in case you plan on fishing often. Carefully run the hook throughout your fingernail. Ideally, it has to go away a light scratch mark. If that doesn’t occur, sharpen or replace your hook. That is if you would like to trap fish! Hold song of the climate situations for your fishing spot, and maintain your self apprised of the day’s forecast. In case you go out at the open water while a typhoon is brewing, the consequences could be disastrous. Intending to have the excellent fishing enjoy viably, view the climate forecast. Bass are now and then without problems stuck using grubs. Notably, a few small lures can seize vast … Read More

What to Know Before Your First Fishing Trip

Are you nearing your first fishing trip? If you’re looking for some tips and tricks that’ll ensure a good trip, look no further. Right here are a few suggestions to make you be an exquisite fisher no matter your talent level. Possibly the most useful fishing recommendation you could get is to have persistence. The may be times when you will go days without catching a single fish. Don’t let this discourage you. Simply as hunters wear apparel that enables them combo into the encircling terrain, so must fishers. Although fish do now not have the sharpest imaginative and prescient, they’re although capable of seeing colorings. A glimpse of your brightly colored clothing can also ship them swimming within the opposite route. Concerning apparel, choose earth tones. If you plan on fishing continually, then you may need a sharp hook. If the hook can scratch your fingernail gently while you drag it throughout, then it’s sharp enough. If not, you should sharpen your hook or replace it. Make sure you are aware of nearby fishing laws before you move fishing. You may not be capable of using specific bait within some areas, even as different legal guidelines might prohibit fishing … Read More

Fundamental Trout Fishing Equipment

Relaxing inside a boat as you appreciate the sweetness surrounding you as you cast your rod is a peaceful and fun pastime. That said, actually catching fish is an acquired skill, not something you’re born with. Read on to become a pro angler that’ll start reeling in the big ones. Remember fish migration patterns to understand if you ought to fish downhill or uphill. During spring, you’ll get to cast your rod upstream so that your bait is waiting ahead of the fish swimming downstream. When the fish are swimming downstream within the fall, you will cast your lure downward. Cover your worms in a container lined with newspaper then place it within the refrigerator overnight. The cooler temperature and humidity will make your worms larger. When you’re getting to have a fishing trip, remember to possess a knife that’s sharp inside your tackle box. This equipment is essential, and you’ll have many problems if you are doing not have it. The blade shouldn’t only be sharp, but it should even be rust-proof and of excellent quality. Whenever you’ve got a requirement for a fish net, make sure that the fish goes headfirst into the net. This method significantly reduces … Read More

How to Find Freshwater Fishing Hotspots

Many people long to fish but don’t think they’d be any good at it. You would be surprised to learn that fishing isn’t that difficult once you know what to try to do. Read this article for a few good recommendations on fishing, so that you’ll make the most out of your fishing trip. If you’re planning to use shad as bait (likely for bottom-feeding fish), make sure to cut the tails off before putting it on your hook. This prevents the baited fish from wiggling around and winding around your cord because it sinks to rock bottom, helping you prevent a tangled line. Additionally, the scent of the cut tail may help to attract more fish. While most novices think shiny lures outperform dull colors, they should only be used while fishing for specific species. This is because the gleaming sunlight that they reflect may blind fish, scaring them away, Matte lures are often equally as useful while they won’t daunt as many fish as a metallic lure would so think about using both once you fish. In the weather, sinkers are an honest product to possess when fishing. This may lower the bait into deeper waters, where the … Read More

Beginner’s Guide for Fishing Trips

Fishing is a hobby that all types of people can enjoy. It gives you a chance to spend some time alone or with friends out in nature. Read this article for a few great recommendations on the way to become an excellent fisherman! When fishing alone, take care not to enter water that’s too deep. This is often very true when fishing near large rivers as a sudden undercurrent leave your helpless. It’s typically better to fish with a minimum of one other friend. If you’re fishing during the winter, you ought to think about using sinkers. Sinkers add weight to the road, which permits your bait to succeed in lower depths where fish dwell at this point of the year. The foremost adventurous size of the sinker will depend upon how deep the water is. Be sure to know the habits and customs of the fish you’re trying to catch. If you’re fishing for an evening creature at noon, then you’re unlikely to possess much success. This is often also true of the kinds of bait you’re using so as for your catch. It is generally an excellent idea for anyone who catches and releases to stay a disposable … Read More

Stream Fishing Tips and Tricks

When it involves spending time at a natural environment, few pastimes are as enjoyable as fishing. Regardless of how experienced a fisherman you’re, you’ll always learn more. This post is filled with advice that’s useful for fishers of each level. If you would like to catch the foremost fish, you would like to form sure your hook is sharp. If the hook scratches your nail when it’s dragged over it, you’ve got a well-sharpened hook. If the hook doesn’t scratch your fingernail, either take the time to sharpen it or use a special hook. Try fly fishing out! Several benefits come along with this hobby, but remember that it’s different than other fishing. Anyone wishing to undertake it must obtain various equipment like rods, lures, and clothing. Look at the birds as you fish. If you attend the spots the birds are diving towards, you’re likely to seek out tons of fish. Follow the birds and it might just turn out that they lead you to an excellent spot! Live, natural bait will catch more fish. Fish consume the insects that live locally on the brink of the water. If it’s an insect that you can find near the body … Read More

Top Tips for Beginner Anglers

Fishing is extremely popular as a recreational activity. There’s nothing more fun and relaxing than spending a pleasant summer day on the lake fishing. For those seeking to be better at fishing, this is perfect for you. Learn the following pointers well, and every one your buddies will attend you for fishing advice. Just as in other sports, it’s vital to possess the right gear. There are many various sorts of fishing, and everyone requires different equipment. If you go fly fishing with a traditional rod, you’ll quickly end up put into an edge where it’s challenging to fish correctly. You may want to feature a scale to your list of fishing equipment. You never can tell when you’ll catch that rare trophy, so make sure to possess a scale handy, especially if you’re practicing catch and release. Even once you are fishing alone, it’s essential that you remain quiet. If you start making an excessive amount of noise, it can cause problems for other fishermen in remote locations. Sound travels quite differently underwater and should be ready to disrupt the fishing of individuals who are quite distant from you. Be sure that you are conscious of the fishing laws … Read More

How to Set Up a Fishing Pole For Beginners

                When I was a young boy every time I went fishing my dad would set up my pole for me. This made fishing a lot easier when I was a kid, but the first time I went fishing by myself I was shocked to realize I didn’t know how to set up my fishing rod. Today I’ll spare you of this embarrassment and get you fishing in no-time with this beginners guide. Instructions Assemble your fishing rod by putting the bottom and top sections together. Make sure that the guides, the holes that you will put your line through, are perfectly aligned. Next, attach your reel and screw the handle down until it is in place. For more information, check out this article about where to position your fishing reel. Now tread your reel through all of the guides, making sure that there are no tangles. Pull out the line through the top guide and tread it through your fishing hook. Once you pull it through the hole, hold the hook with your thumb and pointer finger.  Then, wrap the line around your fingers three times. Take your fingers out and pull the line … Read More

How to Attach a Bobber

                In this post, we went over how to set up a fishing pole for beginners. Once you thread your reel and add the hook it is important to attach a bobber. What is a Bobber?                 A bobber is a float that you attach to your reel. Anglers use bobbers to limit the depth of the hook and bait. In addition to this, a bobber serves as a reference point for where your bait is. The higher up you place your bobber on your reel the deeper your reel will go. For example, if you place a bobber 5 feet above your hook, the hook will reach a depth of 5 feet. How to Attach a Bobber Tying a bobber is very simple and can be mastered by anyone in just a few minutes. Bobbers usually have a pop-up hook that can be exposed by pressing a button on the opposite end.  The first thing you’ll want to do is choose how far up your line you want to place your bobbers. Next, reveal the hook by pressing the button and thread your line through the hook. … Read More

Left vs Right Hand Fishing Reel

           If you’re like me, you use your dominant hand for just about everything from eating soup to unlocking your door. Therefore, it seems obvious that if you’re right-handed, you should have your reel on your right side. However, there are a few problems that can come with this, especially if you are using a baitcaster. More often than not, as a right-handed angler, I use my dominant hand to cast. When using a spinning reel, this isn’t a problem because the reel for right-handed rods is placed on the left side. Immediately after casting, I’m able to use my left hand to reel in. Not only is this is intuitive, but it allows me to reel in quickly if a fish gets caught right when the bait hits the water.             For some trips, a spinning reel is all that you’ll need. However, there are times when you’ll be fishing for larger game or will need to cast farther out. Whenever this situation arises, a baitcaster reel will allow you to throw longer casts and pull in heaver lines. Here is where the controversy over reel position begins. Right-handed baitcasters have … Read More

How to Hold a Fishing Rod

                Whether you’re a beginner or expired angler you’ve probably heard a million different ways to hold a fishing rod from a million different people. While it’s obvious that some people will always prefer one grip over others, it’s possible that you’re missing out on the technique that could work best for you. Most of the time when people have odd grips it’s because they haven’t been taught the proper way to hold a rod, so they create their own. In this article, I’ll show you the grip that I, along with everyone I’ve shown it to, prefer.                 The grip I most commonly use is having the reel seat, the part of the reel that is on the base of the rod, between my ring finger and pinky. This hold allows for great control and strength, even with a large fish on the line. A valuable added benefit of placing most of my hand so far above the reel seat is being able to hold the line with my pointer finger. This allows me to quickly hold back the line when I know I’ve casted … Read More

How to Hook a Minnow – Top 3 Ways

                If you’ve seen our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Bait, then it’s likely that you want to learn how to hook a minnow. Before we begin, it’s important to break down what minnows can be used to catch. Minnow are good for shoreline or ice fishing. More specifically, they can be used to catch bluegills, bass, trout, stripers, and pike. Hooking by the Lips                 The first way to hook a minnow is through both lips. This method is useful because it allows the fish to swim both when you cast and when you are reeling in. To properly hook the minnow, begin at the bottom of the lower lip and go through the top. This gives the fish more freedom to move and makes it a more tempting bait. Hooking by the Back                 Hooking a minnow by its back is particularly useful when ice fishing. Although this hook placement may seem intuitive, it is often done incorrectly. When deciding where to place the hook, aim for right below the top fin. You need to be careful … Read More

The Ultimate Beginner’s Fishing Bait Guide

                If you’re just starting out with fishing, knowing what type of bait to use for certain fish can seem overwhelming. You may believe that you can use a worm for every scenario, or even worse you may be lead to believe you need thousands of different baits. This guide will help you decide the perfect bait for every situation. Artificial vs Live Bait                 You probably already know that there are both artificial and live bait types. Artificial fish bait is also called lures. Lures are more expensive than live bait, however, they can be reused and are cleaner. Live bait must be kept alive, but has an attractive scent and is safer for beginner anglers. Here is a breakdown of the major bait types of both categories and how they work. Artifical Lures Spoons – Spoons are metal lures shaped like the bowl of a spoon that attract fish by reflecting light. They also move in random patterns making them seem like injured prey. Flies – As the name implies, this bait is used to imitate natural food sources. They are especially useful in … Read More

How to Catch Worms for Fishing Bait

                Ran out of bait or just looking to save a bit of money? Any Joe Shmoe can look around and find himself a couple of worms, but if you’re looking enough bait to last you a day you’ll need some strategy. Here are a few ways you can get bucket-fulls of al natural au naturel fish bait without having to spend a dime. Using Soapy Water                 For the first method, you’ll need some dish soap, water, and some sort of bottle or watering can. First, pour water into the container until it is 60-70 percent full. Then fill the container with dish soap until it’s about 75 percent full, leaving you with enough space to shake. Finally, shake well until the two components have mixed. Apply the solution to cool, damp areas and watch dozens of worms swarm to the surface in seconds. If you don’t have dish soap, any broken walnuts you find on the ground will work just as well. Using a Shovel                 For this next method, all you’ll be using is a shovel … Read More