A Complete Guide to Foraging for Nuts while Camping

A fully equipped pantry is a modern convenience that may not always be available to us. It’s a sad idea, but someday, if things got really bad, well-stocked restaurants, kitchens, grocery stores, and pantries would be as rare as they are wonderful. It could be due to an environmental disaster, political and social unrest, the collapse of civilization as we know it, or the zombie apocalypse – no matter what the cause, it is good to understand the different ways of collecting, digging, harvesting, gathering, or otherwise collecting food to support yourself. You’re going to need nuts. No, get your mind out of the gutter… I’m talking about the hard-shelled snacks that grow naturally in many different environments and climates. They’re light, healthy and full of protein to keep you connected and maintain your energy. The nuts are amazing. In the days of the hunter-gatherers, when humans roamed the earth and depended on their ability to track, catch, hunt and feed to survive, seeds and nuts made up half of people’s diets – that’s huge! Imagine if half of everything you ate today was crazy. You’d go crazy (at least I know I would). Now, I’m not suggesting you go … Read More

How to Choose a Hiking Trail

Are you curious about going on a hiking trip? Whether your hiking adventure will last for a couple of hours or an entire weekend, you’ll get to choose a hiking trail. When it involves choosing a hiking trail, you would like to recollect that you have a variety of various options. Regardless of where you’re located, you ought to have a variety of hiking trails found in an in-depth distance faraway from your home. Since you ought to have a variety of various choices, when trying to find a hiking trail to hike, you’ll be wondering how you’ll set about finding the ‘perfect,’ hiking trail to walk. There are a variety of essential factors that you might want to believe, taking into consideration when selecting the perfect hiking trail. A couple of these factors are briefly outlined below for you. One of the various factors that you will want to require into consideration is that the difficulty of the hiking trail in question. You’ll find that hiking trails are available variety of various formats, particularly with difficulty levels. You’ll find that multiple parks have numerous hiking trails to settle on from. Rather than choosing a hiking trail supported the sweetness … Read More

4 Tips All Beginner Backpackers Need to Know

First things first, there are no rules when it comes to backpacking because with so many incredible activities and experiences. No matter where you are you’ll never find yourself far from something fun to tick off your bucket list. Trust us. If you’ve never went backpacking before, you might have heard some bad things about it. “You have to carry your gear with you at all times, expend tons of physical energy, and take advantage of accommodations that are usually far from four-star.”  So why do it? The truth is that if you’re willing to struggle a little, backpacking provides an incredible alternative for those seeking to explore the world on a budget. You may have to spend a little more time planning the nuances of your trip in advance but backpacking is fun, educational, and safe. All you have to do is be prepared. 1. START WITH THE BACKPACK ITSELF The most important aspect of your packing phase is the backpack itself. If you choose the wrong backpack you’re bound to have a miserable experience as the straps begin digging into your shoulders and your back begins to ache. The average person will want to opt for the largest … Read More

Hiking Safety Tips – Outdoor Safety Tips

It is very easy to let your ego and pride take over when trudging out on your next big hike. However, a smart tent camper would follow a few basic safety tips to ensure his/her safety. Here, is our list of suggestions: Always bring enough water.  You never know when you might get stranded somewhere. Avoid going alone.  By hiking alone, you put yourself at risk if you happen to hurt yourself with a serious fall or injury.  By having a friend with you, he can go for help or help carry you back to the campsite. Bring a map and compass and remember your landmarks.  It is a good idea to be overly prepared by knowing a little bit about the area you are camping.  The knowledge of a few basic landmarks can help you set your coordinates and know when you have gone of course. Be conspicuous if hunters are around.  Make sure they know that you are out there and make extra noise when you believe they are nearby so they know where you are. Have a prearranged safety plan with people back at camp.  For instance, if you are not back by nightfall, they should do x,y, and z. Children under 7 should … Read More

How to Prevent and Treat Altitude Sickness

                So, you’re planning a bike hike. You’re going to conquer the unconquerable mountain. Just make sure you take altitude into account. For example, 30 pounds at sea level is not the same as 30 pounds at 10,000 feet. It’ll feel heavier the higher up you go. Not to mention that many people suffer from altitude sickness because of poor preparation. Altitude sickness is an illness caused by your body’s struggle to adjust to the lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes. Some symptoms of altitude sickness include headaches, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite, along with many others. How to Handle High Altitudes                 We’ve all heard the age-old saying, prevention is the best cure. Well the best way to prevent altitude sickness is to acclimate to your environment. Get to the mountain a day early and give your body time to get used to its new challenges. On the mountain, it is imperative that you remain hydrated and well-nourished. Even if you don’t feel hungry or thirsty, that’s just the altitude talking. So, take a break every once in a while and … Read More

Is Spring Water Safe to Drink?

                It starts off as another hike when all of a sudden you come across a spring. Not the stuff under your bed, the beautiful mini-waterfall you’ll most likely take a photo of before you leave. All of a sudden your inner curiosity comes out. What would happen if you drank some of the spring water? Is it possible that you’ll gain superpowers? A hidden knowledge or inner peace? Or would you turn into a human-fish hybrid? It seems that there is only one way to find out, but before you start chugging down spring water let’s find out what spring water could do to your body and if it’s safe.                 Sorry, the spring water (probably) won’t turn you into a superhero. Although it’s true that spring water can be potable there are a few factors you should take into account before deciding whether or not you should drink any. Spring water is considered any water that overflows from an aquifer or underground water. Spring water is naturally alkaline and is constantly filtered by rocks and dirt while flowing. Despite some people claiming that alkaline … Read More

How to Tape Shoes for Walking

                Have you ever let the fear of blisters ruin your a fun walk or hike? Have you stopped wearing your most stylish shoes because of how your feet feel the day after? Follow this step-by-step guide to say goodbye to blisters on your feet for good. What are Blisters?                 Before we learn how to prevent blisters, it is important that we know what blisters are and what causes them to form. Blisters are small bubbles on the skin most commonly from friction or heat damage. The bubble of the blister protects your skin from infection and further damage. This is why it is very important to not pop a blister unless it is extremely painful or bothersome. If you do pop a blister, it is crucial that you clean the wound and cover it with a bandage. Taping Your Feet to Prevent Blisters                 Applying zinc oxide tape to your feet helps prevent blisters because it reduces the amount of friction that your skin is exposed to, leading to fewer blisters. As a rule of thumb, do … Read More

Should You Go Hiking in Crocs?

                It seems like we all know someone who swears that hiking in crocs is WAY better than using hiking boots. He promises you that if you try it even once, you’ll never go back. Well, today let’s explore the pros and cons of crocs and if they’re worth hiking in.  Pros: Cons: Comfortable – Crocs are lightweight and have great air circulation. You could walk for hours without having to worry about blisters or foot pain. Great for Wide Footers – Crocs have a wide toe box and are flexible enough to remain comfortable for anyone with swollen or wide feet. Easy to Clean – Crocs are quite possible the easiest shoe to clean. A quick wash under some water and your shoes are as good as new. Protection – Crocs offer almost no toe protection. All it takes to stub your toe is one wrong step. If you’re wearing crocs this wrong step could next the end of your hike. Loose fit – Even with a strap, heel support is terrible and you can expect constant slippage. On land this isn’t awful, but if you try to traverse water you be … Read More

How to Identify a Copperhead Snake

What is a Copperhead Snake?                 If you have lived or camped in southeastern America, there is a chance that you’ve encountered a copperhead. Copperheads are venomous snakes that can be found throughout central and eastern United States. Corn snakes and northern water snakes are notorious for being mistaken for copperheads. These two reptiles are neither venomous nor pose a threat to humans. Even the copperhead, although venomous, will not attack humans unless it feels threatened. If a human invades a copperhead’s space or frightens it, a copperhead will instinctively release a small amount of venom to protect itself. This bite is typically not enough to kill or severely harm a human, however, it is still advised that you seek medical help for any animal bites to check for allergic reactions and infections from the bite. Like all animals, copperheads play an important part in the ecosystem and you should not approach or try to intimidate copperheads.  How to know if a Snake is a Copperhead                 The easiest way to tell if a snake is a copperhead is by looking at the snake’s scale pattern. … Read More