[Guide] How to make your fishing line float

During the summer months when the temperature starts to rise, carp and other fish begin to rise up to the water’s surface. Having your fishing line float while surface fishing can give you more control and optimize your chances at catching fish.

While float fishing lines can do the work for you, sometimes you’re caught without one, and need a quick fix.

Thankfully, there is a solution, and you can even make your fishing line float with some common household items!

Store-bought fishing line floatants

mucilin fishing floatant

The easiest and most reliable way to make your line float is to use a store-bought floatant or line dressing. These are specifically designed for keeping surface fishing or float fishing anglers that want to keep their lines above the water.

Recommended Product: Thames Mucilin Red Can Fly Fishing Line and Fly Floatant Paste Dressing

Mucilin Red only takes a few minutes to apply to your line and works like a charm. Just keep in mind that you will need to clean your line and reapply the paste every once in a while.

I prefer it to Mucilin’s green dressing because, although it works just as well, the container for Mucilin Green popped open and leaked inside of my tackle box.

DIY/Homemade Fishing Line Floatants

diy fishing line floatant

While manufactured floatants should always be your first choice, you can still make your fishing line float without a Mucilin pack. These household items may not work quite as reliably, but they can get you out of a pickle.


Vaseline is my go-to replacement for fishing floatant.

To make your fishing line float with vaseline, follow these steps:

  1. Cast your fishing line out into the water.
  2. Dig some vaseline onto your thumb and pointer finger.
  3. Pinch the line as you reel it back in.
  4. For max effectiveness, reapply every few times out.

The only caveat, though, is that the vaseline may get onto your rod rings. Not a huge deal, but still something that you should keep in mind.

The same method can be applied with several household items; Chapstick, silicon spray (such as WD-40), wax, shoe shine, or furniture polish can all be used as makeshift fishing line floatants.

But before you start coating, learn how to attach a bobber to your fishing line!

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