How to attach fishing lures to a shadow box [DIY]

*Scroll to the bottom for a video guide.

If you’re an angler looking to display your love for fishing, this is the guide for you. Read this guide to learn how to properly make a fishing lure shadow box.


  • Fishing lures
  • Shadow box
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pen or marker
  • Scissors or pliers
  • Battery powered drill
  • Translucent fishing line or string


  1. Gather the required items. Make sure you have a desk or empty area to work on.

  2. Begin by arranging the fishing lures inside of the shadow box. This will allow you to get an idea of how you want your box to look and how to position to lures. (Make sure that the hooks are flat so the shadow box can be closed.)

  3. Get your pen and mark the end of the lure where the hook is attached, as well as the head or area where you’d tie a knot.

  4. Flip the shadow box over so that its back is facing you. Apply blue tape over the back of the shadow box. This will prevent the drill bit from splintering the wood.

  5. Turn your shadow box back around, and drill a hole at the place of each marking. A 1/16 drill bit is what I recommend, as the larger the hole the more visible it is.

  6. Rearrange your fishing lures as you did before drilling, all while being mindful of the drilled-in holes.

  7. Thread the fishing line through each of the lures. You can do this with an individual string for each lure, or with one string for all of them. Insert your string from the back of the shadow box through the first hole, and then bring it out through the second hole.

  8. Tightly twist or tie your line once you’ve threaded it through the lure to the back of the shadow box.

  9. Cut off excess string with scissors or pliers.

  10. You’re all set! If you’d like, you can cover the back of your shadow box with paper or another material.

Check out this video to see the process in action:

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