How to Attach a Bobber

                In this post, we went over how to set up a fishing pole for beginners. Once you thread your reel and add the hook it is important to attach a bobber.

What is a Bobber?

                A bobber is a float that you attach to your reel. Anglers use bobbers to limit the depth of the hook and bait. In addition to this, a bobber serves as a reference point for where your bait is. The higher up you place your bobber on your reel the deeper your reel will go. For example, if you place a bobber 5 feet above your hook, the hook will reach a depth of 5 feet.

How to Attach a Bobber

Tying a bobber is very simple and can be mastered by anyone in just a few minutes. Bobbers usually have a pop-up hook that can be exposed by pressing a button on the opposite end. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose how far up your line you want to place your bobbers. Next, reveal the hook by pressing the button and thread your line through the hook. Then, tie an overhand knot onto the line. 

In an overhand knot, you make a circle with your fishing line and pull the end through it. Once again, tie another knot to prevent your bobber from moving in the opposite direction. 

Finally, add on split shots between your hook and floater to modify how deep you want your hook to be.