How to Hold a Fishing Rod

                Whether you’re a beginner or expired angler you’ve probably heard a million different ways to hold a fishing rod from a million different people. While it’s obvious that some people will always prefer one grip over others, it’s possible that you’re missing out on the technique that could work best for you. Most of the time when people have odd grips it’s because they haven’t been taught the proper way to hold a rod, so they create their own. In this article, I’ll show you the grip that I, along with everyone I’ve shown it to, prefer.

                The grip I most commonly use is having the reel seat, the part of the reel that is on the base of the rod, between my ring finger and pinky. This hold allows for great control and strength, even with a large fish on the line. A valuable added benefit of placing most of my hand so far above the reel seat is being able to hold the line with my pointer finger. This allows me to quickly hold back the line when I know I’ve casted near a tree or bush. If my entire hand was above the seat, I wouldn’t have the same level of control. If I gripped it any lower, I wouldn’t be able to hold back the line with my finger.

The video below provides a great visual example of the advantages of using this grip.