How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven

Have you ever wondered how to make a DIY oven like the boy scouts? This guide will take you step-by-step as you make your very own cardboard box oven.

For this project, the simplest box would be a banana box or fruit box due to the heavier thicker ridged design. This box can often be picked up free of charge at your local grocery. A printer paper box from work would do the work too. The Box Oven is usually entirely free or as expensive and high tech as you would like. The following items are often purchased for about ten bucks or liberated from elsewhere around the house or garage.

4 – Steel Rod or Pole
1 – Steel or Aluminum Trivet
2 – Aluminum Trays
Aluminum foil
Duct Tape
Thermometer with probe
Super Glue

Most boxes I even have used are 20” long by 15” wide x 9-1/2” deep. Turn box in vertical on end. Qualify 9-1/2” up from the bottom and strike A level line on each side of the box. Measure down 4″ from the top and strike another level line on each side of the box. If you are doing not have a trivet, strike A level line 1” up from the bottom.

Mark the highest line for 2 1/8” holes four inches apart. Mark the centerline for 3 1/8” holes three inches apart. Mark rock bottom line an equivalent because of the top, if you’re not employing a trivet. (See Photo)

The lid must be modified to suit appropriately. Trim the lip on one end of the cover so it’ll fit flush on the box without having to handle the box. Use the leftover cardboard to fill the gap within the lid. Use the foil tape to seal off. (See Photo) Remember when baking that the box is going to be HOT, especially at the highest. Caution: don’t use the tape on the within of the box. The glue on the tape is sweet for sealing, but not for eating.

Line the within of the box and lid with two layers of aluminum foil and glue as required. Make sure, and put the shiny side out.

Cut the metal rods in half or have them cut at the house improvement store. Use the rod or an ice pick (be careful) to punch the holes within the box. Brace the box from behind as to not bend or crush it. Also, poke a series of holes on each side of the box just up from rock bottom for ventilation. The handle hole on top is often vented as required when baking, by taping a foil patch thereon as an adjustable flap.

The middle shelf will hold food, while the top and bottom racks will be used to support the trays.

If this oven goes high tech, a hole for the digital probe is going to be needed. The probe should be as on the brink of the food as possible without touching. Install it about 2 inches above the rear of the baking rack.

Try it out with store-bought biscuits and baked. Once the charcoals are beginning to turn gray, put your biscuits in. Place one in each corner of the tray for the highest rack and five, one biscuit in each corner and another one in the middle for rock bottom rack. Put biscuits in Box Oven. Place on lid and bake.

The temperature will soar to 400 degrees approximately, then slowly drop to about 225 degrees and hold. Check after about ten minutes. If everything goes according to plan, you should have a delicious treat waiting for you.

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