How to Put Up a Tent by Yourself

                Solo hiking trips are a great way to take a break from all the ruckus and commotion in your daily life. As much as we all love living in a modernized society, there are times when it can bring on a load of stress. Camping along is great because it allows you to do some soul searching and enjoy the little things in life, but it also comes with extra challenges. One of these challenges is setting up a tent. If you were with a buddy you wouldn’t think twice about how to set up a tent, but take away your friend and this ordinary task becomes quite daunting. It’s alright though because this guide will show you exactly how to set up a tent by yourself.


               Luckily, the tools you need to set up a tent alone are the same tools you’d use if you were with a group. These will be stakes to hold your tent to the ground, a rake to level out your base, and a mallet to hammer your stakes down.

  1. Roll out your tent and assemble your poles.
  2. Find a flat area to use as the base of your tent. Use your rake to level out an area if it is uneven.
  3. Stake down the base using your mallet so your tent doesn’t move around.
  4. Add your poles through the tent and finish staking down the tent.
  5. Place your tent cover and add stakes to hold it down if necessary. 

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