How To Tell if Your Bug Spray Has Expired?

                Let’s be honest here. You either have to be crazy or a caveman to go camping without bug spray. But how do you know if you bug spray has gone bad? Not all containers have an expiration date, so how can you tell if your repellent is still usable? Here a few tips to help you figure out whether or not your bug spray has expired.

Getting in Touch

                The first thing you’ll want to do when you’re unsure of the condition of your spray is to search the container. Some companies list their expiration date in the bottom or side of the bottom. Take a good look around the bottle to be sure. Assuming there is no listed date, check the container for a product code and company phone number. Call the manufacturer and ask whether or not their product has gone bad. 

Check for Strange Odors

                Check the cap and nozzle of the container for any damage, rust, or anything obstructing the spray. If the can has no signs of damage, point the nozzle in front of you and lightly spray a small amount in front of you, or on a piece of paper. Bug spray usually has a very distinct smell. If the odor given off by the spray is unfamiliar or odd it is very likely that the spray has gone bad.


  • Keep your container away from extreme heat or cold as this can cause the product to expire much quicker.
  • Check to see if your bug spray contains deet. Deet is a common ingredient in many bug sprays and does not expire. Unless severely damaged, bug spray with deet is usable. 
  • Make sure the nozzle is not blocked before spraying so the spray does not go in wild directions.
  • If you feel any irritation or itchiness from the repellent stop using it immediately and get medical help.

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