Vegan Recipes for Backpacking and Camping

Ready to hit the paths but without the meat jerky? Here are a couple of vegetarian backpacking recipes you’ll try, alongside some simple snack foods.

Olive Oil Noodles

This is an easy recipe that you don’t get to write down. Bring a little bag of spices (whatever kinds you like), some dried vegetables, pasta, and vegetable oil. Soak the dried vegetables while you’re fixing camp. Then cook them alongside the pasta. Drain and add the spices, salt, and vegetable oil for a delicious dinner.

If you bring the thinnest pasta you’ll find – something like angel hair spaghetti – it’ll save time, fuel, and trouble cooking. If you would like to decorate up the meal a touch more and you’re backpacking within the southwest, you’ll collect some Mexican nut pine nuts to feature. Parmesan cheese is another excellent addition and may be carried for days if kept out of the recent sun.

Simple Soups

Most grocery stores carry dry soups that require you to pour boiling water on them. Those within the cups take more room but are still light and convenient. No dishes to scrub apart from your spoon.

Vegetarian options are limited with these, but the great news is that there are a couple of. Even better news: a number of the tastiest soups-in-a-cup you’ll get are the turtle bean varieties or lentil soups. Most of those haven’t any animal products in them.

No Cooking Vegetarian Recipes

I personally don’t like to cook all the time. I rarely even bring a stove when backpacking. Going without cooked food means no stove, no fuel, and no pans. That’s less weight and fewer dishes to scrub. But what about vegetarian backpacking recipes for those folks who don’t want to cook?

Most snacks (with few exceptions like that beef jerky) are naturally vegetarian. For instance, mix any number of dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, and cooked dry oats for a simple trail mix. You don’t need to be precise about any of this or remember any recipes.

Peanut butter and wheat crackers is another high-protein high-energy backpacking food. Bread is often carried carefully, and you’ll make sandwiches of spread and wild berries. I even have done this with strawberries, but spread and blueberry sandwiches are my favorite.

If you eat cheese, it is often carried for the first day without spoiling. Frozen “veggie dogs” are often brought also, and can thaw call at a time to cook them over the first night’s fire. In other words, it doesn’t need to get complicated. you’ll make your own simple vegetarian backpacking recipes


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