Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent Review

There are many people who want to get refreshed from the daily hectic routine go for camping. There is another type of people who love to go for camping, trekking etc. For camping one of the most essential stuff which is required is tent. It is not at all safe to sleep at night under the open sky. Having a proper camping tent means a good way of spending night. But choosing a proper camping tent is a very important task to do before going for camping. It can be catastrophe if it is found that the tent which has been bought does not have sufficient room for the whole group.

Even if it is seen that the camping tent cannot stand up to the elements of nature then it can cause sudden disaster too. There are lots of options available for people as far as buying a tent is concerned. Choosing the right kind of camping tents can help people to achieve great camping experience.

We must need to know what are the things need to be remembered before buying a good camping tent.

Firstly, in what time of the year people want to go for camping is a very important matter to be concerned with at the time buying camping tent. Two season tents are good for using in the warmer months. These tents have good ventilation system. On the other hand the three season tents are more versatile because these tents keep the warm air in and cold air out. Except winter season these tents can be used anytime in a year. The four or all season tents are best as far as camping is concerned.
Secondly, how many people will spend night inside the tent is also another important factor. According to that a camping tent must be bought. The size of a tent is a very essential matter. Tents are basically rated according to the capacity. There are one people, two people and more than two people tents available in the market.

Thirdly, the construction and design of the tent must be another requirement of the buyers. As far as these two things are concerned the tents which can match the need should be bought. Usually the Dome tents can more easily be erected. Also these tents are well known as a backpacking tent. This type of tent is stable in wind. The rounded design can prevent the tent from snow and rain also. The other types of camping tents available are large family tents, tunnel or hoop tents etc.

Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent Review

As far as Dome tents are concerned one of the best tents available in these days in the market is the Wenzel Pine Ridge. At first we must know the features of Wenzel Pine Ridge camping tents.

  • The base of this model of tent is 10 ft * 8 ft.
  • The centre height of these types of camping tents is 60 inches.
  • Area is 80 Square ft.
  • The number people accommodate easily inside Wenzel Pine Ridge is 4 to 5.
  • The frame of this type of tent is made of shock corded fibre glass with grommet pole attachment. Because of this, Wenzel Pine Ridge tents can easily be set up.
  • For weather protection there is hoop fly in both front and rear of the tent.
  • There is an option of making two rooms inside the tent by using hanging divider curtain.
  • There are mesh windows in the tent.
  • Also the two doors of the tent and roof are made of mesh. This type of roof is for cross breeze.
  • There are also two hanging pockets, storage duffel and stakes inside the Wenzel Pine Ridge.

The Wenzel Pine Ridge is an excellent tent for camping. It can easily be set up by 2 people. The inside of this tent is very roomy. There are enough spaces inside the tent because of which 3 average size male can feel very comfortable inside it. This tent is just suitable for 4 average size male campers. So one can guess how spacious this tent is. Even in medium and light rain this tent can held up well. It has been said by many that Wenzel Pine Ridge is also capable enough to stand in heavy rain and this tent do not leak in severe rain storm. The zip of the tent is also good for using. If it is gently used then there will be no problem noticed while zipping the tent. It is always recommended to not pressurize the zip that much. Then it can stick in the orange part which is designed for keeping out the moisture from the zip.

Another important factor of this type of tent is the price. We always want to make deals which can create less pressure on our pockets. In this hard economic condition of the country every person wants to save some of his money. On the other hand they want to buy products which can satisfy them. Without any doubt, the Wenzel Pine Ridge can easily be fitted in this category of products which are priced relatively low and are very user friendly. The price of this tent varies on Amazon is around $100.
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